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Welcome to G.I.K. Painting & Remodeling Corporation

G.I.K. Painting & Remodeling Corp. was founded in 2002, with a goal in mind to bring a higher standard to the painting and remodeling industry in Indiana. Our mission was simple: Embrace and utilize the latest developments in painting and remodeling technology and products, approach every project from a problem-solving perspective, and provide maximum value and service to homeowners and clients who choose our services over the competition. Today, we are a proven leader on quality, value and customer service, as demonstrated by our continually growing list of hundreds of enthusiastically satisfied clients.


Why Work With Our Remodeling Company?

Whether you need remodeling done to your kitchen, want a new tile set for your bathroom floor, or need professional design services, we're ready and able to serve. Since 2002 we've offered a wide variety of services to help meet the needs of our customers. We're professional, skilled, and friendly. We listen to what you want and invest the time into defining your vision. Through our expertise, we ensure your design goals are met, so you're satisfied with the results of our remodeling projects every time. Lastly, we offer two-year installation warranties. 








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